How To Choose Polki Jewellery For Casual Wear

Polki jewellery is known for its rich heritage and intricate craftsmanship. It is one of the oldest forms of jewellery making, which dates back to the Mughal era. It is considered as a traditional art form that involves the use of uncut diamonds in their natural form. Polki jewellery is synonymous with royalty, luxury and elegance. Polki jewellery is a timeless and elegant option for casual wear. However, it can also be worn casually to enhance your everyday look. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to choose Polki jewellery for casual wear.

But, before we delve into that, let's talk about what polki jewellery is. Polki is an uncut diamond, which has been mined from the earth and has not been subjected to any artificial treatments. It is mostly available in its raw form and is highly prized in the jewellery world. Polki jewellery was popularized in ancient India and has since then been synonymous with traditional Indian attire.

Now, let's move onto the steps for selecting polki jewellery for casual wear:

1. Understand the Occasion

The first step in choosing Polki jewellery for casual wear is to understand the occasion or event. Not all Polki jewellery pieces are suitable for everyday wear. For instance, a heavily embellished necklace may not be appropriate for the office, but simple Polki earrings can complement your corporate attire. Similarly, a light Polki bangle can be paired with a casual outfit for a lunch date or a movie night.

2. Consider Your Outfit

Your outfit plays a significant role in determining the type of Polki jewellery you should wear. You should choose your jewellery pieces based on the colours and patterns in your outfit. For instance, a Polki ring with a colourful gemstone can complement a plain outfit, while a Polki necklace with intricate detailing can enhance a heavily patterned outfit. It is essential to create a balance between your outfit and the jewellery you wear.

3. Choose the Right Metal

Polki jewellery is often set in gold, silver or platinum. The metal type can determine the durability and longevity of your jewellery. Gold is the most popular metal for Polki jewellery, as it enhances the beauty of the diamonds. It is also durable and lasts longer than other metals. However, silver and platinum are excellent alternatives if you want a modern look or if you have sensitive skin.

Determine your budget: Polki jewellery comes with a wide range of prices depending on the design, size, and quality. Therefore, setting a budget before considering buying a polki piece is crucial.

4. Choose Your Style

Polki jewellery comes in various styles, including traditional, contemporary and fusion. Traditional Polki jewellery is perfect for formal and traditional occasions, while contemporary Polki jewellery is suitable for everyday wear. Fusion Polki jewellery blends traditional and modern designs, making it ideal for special events or occasions.While polki jewellery is versatile, it is essential to identify your personal style and preferences. Whether you prefer something simple, bold, or intricate, Dhirsonsjewellers has a wide range of polki jewellery sets from which to choose.

5. Consider Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone can influence the type of Polki jewellery you should wear. The warm tones of Polki diamonds complement warm skin tones, while the cool tones complement cool skin tones. If you have a warm skin tone, you should choose Polki jewellery with yellow or rose gold settings. On the other hand, if you have a cool skin tone, you should opt for Polki jewellery with white gold or silver settings.It is important to choose a piece that complements your wardrobe and skin tone.

Pick your favourite piece: Whether you prefer a polki necklace, polki earrings, or a polki diamond bracelet, pick a piece that you love to wear and reflects your individuality.

At Dhirsonsjewellers, we offer an array of polki gold jewellery and polki diamond necklaces, specifically designed for casual wear. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with high-quality, unique pieces of jewellery that will enhance their personal style.

In conclusion, polki jewellery is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any casual outfit. At Dhirsonsjewellers, we are committed to providing you with high-quality polki jewellery sets from which to choose. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to our website to select your perfect polki piece today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which type of polki is best?

The best type of polki depends on personal preference. However, it is essential to note that high-quality polki will last for generations, making it a worthy investment.

Can polki be worn everyday?

Yes, polki jewellery can be worn every day as long as it is cared for adequately. Avoid exposing your polki jewellery to harsh chemicals, moisture, and excessive heat.

What is the difference between open polki and Kundan polki?

Open polki refers to uncut diamonds that are set into a jewellery piece without any surrounding material, whereas Kundan polki is a more complex technique that involves setting uncut diamonds into a gold frame and then surrounding them with white glass to enhance their brilliance.