Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry For Celebrity Look


In a world where there are many options for accessories, choosing an expensive accessory that gives you a celebrity look is the best choice that you can ever make. These expensive jewelry designs will give you a sophisticated and splendid look. With trending designs and intricate cravings and detailing, this celebrity looks affordable luxury jewelry design can win anybody’s heart and make anybody look glamorous. Also, buying the most expensive jewelry can be risky, but it will be worth it if you buy from some trusted jeweler in Delhi like Dhirsons Jewellers. 

At Dhirsons Jewellers, you’ll get the most affordable luxury jewellery including expensive rings, expensive bracelets, expensive diamond necklaces, and much more, made up of 18 karat gold to diamond, precious gemstones to intricate carvings, and detailing. All these expensive jewelry pieces including luxury bracelets for her and expensive necklace for her and more,  can make any look stunningly beautiful.  Here in this blog, we will talk about different celebrities who look at expensive jewelry in detail and will further conclude by knowing about Dhirsons Jewellers in detail. So, what are you waiting for? 

Let’s dive deeper into the world of expensive jewelry with Dhirsons Jewellers now!

1. Expensive Diamond Necklace:

Popularly known for its intricate craving this expensive diamond necklace is also known for its beautiful diamond studded in the between of the necklace and is hence the most preferred necklace by celebrity. This single expensive diamond necklace is surrounded by other small diamonds that create a royal diamond necklace and give a beautiful look to you.  

2. Gold Necklace:

With the work of 18-karat gold, this gold necklace is by far the most expensive gold jewelry you will ever find. Paired with gold earrings and other gold accessories this will make you feel like a diva. 

3. Pearl Necklace:

Popularly known as the favorite necklace of Bollywood actresses, this pearl necklace is an example of timeless jewellery. With the beautiful pearl in between, this pearl necklace also consists of different gemstones that give a beautiful look to your overall outfit. 

4. The Meenakari Kundan Necklace Set:

Living in the land of tradition and culture, this Meenakari Kundan necklace set is a symbol of Indian craftsmanship and Indian artistic features. Crafted with every minimal detailing of meenakari and Kundan and other precious gemstones, this jewelry piece is by far the most exclusive collection at Dhirsons Jewellers. 

5. The Diamond Chandelier Earrings:

These diamond chandelier earrings are by far the favorite earrings of Bollywood actresses as they can easily pair with any of their dashing gowns and glam up the whole outfit. 

6. The Diamond Solitaire Pendant:

This diamond solitaire pendant is a perfect example of being simple and classy. This pendant can be worn on special events as well as can be preferred for daily use. 

7. The Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring:

Symbol of love and affection, this emerald-cut diamond ring is an example of a beautiful piece with minute detailing. Can be worn at different occasions as well as events. 

8. The Diamond Bracelet:

Bracelets have now become a trending accessory and are most preferred for daily use. Being the most preferred choice of our Bollywood actresses and celebrities this diamond bracelet is the epitome of simplicity.  

9. The Gold Temple Jewellery Set:

Taking inspiration from great Indian mythological stories and architecture, Dhirsons Jewellers has experimented with a new type of jewelry that is the gold temple jewelry set. It is popularly known for depicting the rich Indian history with its minute detailing.  

10. The Ruby and Diamond Cocktail Ring:

This diamond cocktail ring made up of different gemstones puts a bold and rich impact on you and gives you a bold classy and vibrant look.

About Dhirsons Jewellers

As a woman, we are aware of how much you love to wear different types of jewelry and want to try different, new, and trendy collections, that’s why at Dhirsons Jewellers we try to update ourselves with new and trendy designs that are beautiful and can easily give you a glamorous look. Being one of the most preferred jewellers of celebrities, Dhirsons Jewellers is famous for the intricate carving and minute detailing of different expensive and luxury designs that can make you look glamorous and can captivate everyone’s attention. We are not just a jewelry shop, but we are a team of experts that has gained a lot of experience in the past few years and is aware of every type of jewelry. So, what are you waiting for? It’s the time to get the best jewellery for you from Dhirsons Jewellers now!


1. What kind of jewelry do celebrities wear?

Celebrities usually pair jewellery that matches their outfit, therefore they are used to prefer different types of jewellery on different days like they specially opt for jewellery that is minimal derailing specifically if they are wearing any Western dresses and opt for heavy jewellery pieces when wearing a tradition. 

2. Which type of jewellery is the most costly?

Jewellery that has a lot of precious gemstones embedded in it will automatically be costly jewelry.

3. Where do most celebrities buy their jewelry?

Well, celebrities prefer jewelers who are experienced and trusted, and nothing else can be the best option than Dhirsons Jewellers.