How to Choose Jewellery for Lehenga

Are you someone who loves to create every look of yours in a personalized manner with the help of matching accessories that coordinate very well with your overall look, then you have come to the right place. Dhirsons Jewellers is one of the top-notch leading showrooms that will help you choose the best jewelry, and accessories from our exquisite collections. Wearing a lehenga jewelry set on your best wedding lehenga will make your entire look more glamorous. In this article, we will talk about bridal lehenga jewellery sets and different types of necklaces for lehenga and earrings for lehenga offered by Dhirsons Jewellers. So, without any further delay let's just dive into the world of jewelry with Dhirsons jewellers.

Enhance Your Bridal Look with Traditional Jewelry for Lehenga

As a bride, who understands the value of tradition and culture and prepares all her wedding dresses as per that tradition, the pairing of jewelry will make it even more beautiful and will enhance your look in another way. Weddings are not just a function, it’s one of the most important days for the bride and groom and they deserve to look the best on their D-day and in that, our jewelry for lehenga plays a very important role. Everything that is included in your bridal look should be the best. That's why we have curated a collection of exclusive necklace sets for a lehenga at our store. 

This jewelry is not only for elevating your outfit look but it shows the love for your tradition and culture, your family, and friends as many of our clients gift jewelry from personal jewelers to them. It’s not only jewelry, it’s attached to the emotions and feelings of many of us. At Dhirsons Jewellers, we understand this and provide you with the best quality jewelry that will be perfect for your special day.

Perfect Necklace for Lehenga

At Dhirsons Jewellers, we have a wide range of necklace sets that are specially designed to match perfectly with lehengas. Our collection includes traditional Kundan necklaces, Polki necklaces, and diamond necklaces that will add a touch of elegance to your bridal look. Our necklace sets come with matching earrings that complete the overall look and make you stand out on your special day. We also offer customization services, where our expert designers can help you create a unique and personalized necklace set as per your preferences and budget. Choosing the right necklace set for lehenga can be the crowning jewel of your bridal attire, transforming you into a vision of elegance on your wedding day.

Earrings for Lehenga

Along with necklaces, earrings are also an essential part of your bridal jewelry. At Dhirsons Jewellers, we have a variety of earring designs to match every style and lehenga. From traditional jhumkas to modern chandelier earrings, we have something for everyone. Our designers pay attention to even the smallest details to create perfect earrings that will complement your entire look.

Discover Elegance and Tradition: Exclusive Jewelry Collections at Dhirsons Jewelers 

At Dhirsons Jewelers, we have a wide range of collection of jewelry made of Gold, Polki, Kundan, Meenakari, and Diamond and it creates a variety of jewelry accessories like timeless polki sets, 18kt gold Jhumki, gold chandbali, solitaire diamond rings, serene sage, tropical oasis, royal regalia, the pinnacle of elegance polki, grandeur diadem, tops with gold and diamond and many more.

Jewellery becomes an integral part of your bridal lehenga as it symbolizes the tradition and culture of the place and family you belong to. By wearing this traditional jewelry with your wedding lehenga, you are giving your ancestors and your culture respect. Besides this, jewelry is also important in fashion and styling aspects, or can’t be fashionable if she doesn’t put on any accessories with her outfit. No matter what religion you belong to, or what type of wedding dress you are looking for, personal jewelers will make your look appealing and enhance your beauty just with our jewelry. We have minimalist jewelry too, like cobra design pendants, pearl drop pendants, tops with gold and diamond, solitaire rings, and more. We have something for each one of you.


From the glow of gold to the pearl of polki, to dashing diamonds, to magical meenakari, to charismatic Kundan, persons jewelers hold expertise in curating jewelry of all these precious items. Our artisans are skilled in a way that they can create trending designs with a traditional touch, keeping them minimal and stylish. Knowing this much about the magic of personal jewelers, you must be willing to reserve a beautiful necklace set for your lehenga and search for the way to do it. Don’t worry, you can easily order your favorite jewelry for lehenga just with a click. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and order your favorite neckpiece from a personal jeweler now!


1. What kind of jewelry should I wear with a lehenga?

It depends on the type and design of the lehenga that you are going to wear. If you’re wearing a heavy embroidered lehenga then you should go for a necklace set that looks simple and enhances your outfit, while on the other hand if you are keeping your lehenga subtle and simple, then you should go for a royal and heavy necklace set. 

2. What kind of necklace should I wear with a lehenga?

Serene sage, tropical oasis, royal regalia, the pinnacle of elegance polki, and grandeur diadem, are some of the royal necklace sets offered by Dhirsons jewellers that can easily elevate the look of your wedding day outfit.

3. What kind of maang tikka should I wear with a lehenga?

Well, you should go with the maang tika that enhances and coordinates with our overall jewelry set and goes well with the bridal lehenga. 

4. How much jewelry should I wear with a lehenga?

That depends on the individual preference, if you are someone who loves to wear heavy necklace sets, then you should opt for some royal jewelry sets, while if you are someone who wants to keep it simple and subtle then you should go for a pendant type jewelry.

5. What metals should I choose for my lehenga jewelry?

You should choose metals that should go in contrast with your wedding lehenga and hold an appropriate value in your tradition and culture.

6. Where can I buy jewelry for my lehenga?

The one-stop solution for all your jewelry needs is at Dhirsons Jewellers, we are trained and trusted jewelers who have worked and delivered royal jewelry all over India for over 20 years. We ensure people of the quality of the jewelry and deliver it fastest, that’s why today we are among the top jewelers in India.