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The idea of beauty, namely feminine beauty, hasn't changed much from the early ages. A beauty that is enhanced and made more glamorous by trending gold jewellery, jewellery made of gold items, silver, polki, and many other precious gems. In a word of changing fashion trends, gold jewellery is something that remain constant from ages. With its beauty and numerous uses, gold jewellery has made place in heart of every Indians as well as foreigners. Dhirsonsjewellers as your trusted gold diamond jewellers are fully committed to fulfil your demands related to gold jewellery, that’s made with expertise with the help of our skilled artisans. The beauty of gold jewellery cant be matched with any other precious stones jewelleries as it is significantly connected to our roots and our culture and is also a  major option for ornamentation. No matter what age you’re in, you can confidently wear gold and diamond jewelleries matching with our outfit.

From ancient period of time, gold jewellery has been seen connected to tradition and culture and has been referred as a symbol of wealth, power and prosperity for each and everybody. Gold is usually connected to aristocrates and elite class but that is not the case, Dhirsonsjewellers offers affordable gold and diamond jewellery in an affordable price for elite class as well as for middle class people. The creativity of our craftsmen are clearly seen in our gold jewellery designs that are trendy and up to date with latest fashion. Each design is creatively handmade by fusing modern and traditional methods. Due to modern technology it has made possible to develop beautiful and intricate detailing through different methods like laser cut, cut edge methods.

The adaptability of gold is it’s finest quality. Investing in gold jewellery is the best option as of now, because it will give the highest possible return in the future. There is a gold design for every outfit, event, occasion, and for everyone regardless of gender. No matter whether you’re male or female, gold and diamond jewellery is the perfect choice for you. Dhirsonsjewellers is an indication of love and culture going hand in hand. We create many memories by creating a wanted collection of gold that is loved by everyone. So, what are you waiting for? contact us now!


Q - What is gold jewellery and why is it popular?
- Gold jewellery is an ornamentation material used from number of years and is usually famous for it’s beauty, strength and adaptability to be set on every outfit. No matter what outfit you wear, gold jewellery is the perfect choice for it.

Q - How is the purity of gold jewellery determined?
- The purity of gold jewellery is determined in Karatage. There are various levels of purity among which 24K is considered as the purest form and others like 22K, 18K, 14K are other levels if purity. You should also check hallmark in order to determine the purity of the gold jewellery

Q - What are the different types of gold jewellery available?
- There are different types of gold jewellery available depending on the occasions and the events. Usually, dhirsonsjewellers has a huge collection of gold jewellery that includes gold necklaces, gold bracelets, gold anklets, gold earrings, gold rings and gold pendants. We take care to handcraft each and every material with a lot of creativity that includes taking care of a range of styles, dimensions and designs
Q - What are the popular styles and designs in gold jewellery?
- The choice of every person is different for different occasions and when these choices came in common they became popular styles. Gold jewelleries that are easy to wear and goes with every outfit are also easy to design like, hoop earrings, filigree motifs and rings.

Q - How do I choose the right gold jewellery for a specific occasion or outfit?
- To choose the right gold jewellery for a outfit you must decide your outfit first, like for example if you are going to wear a traditional wear in an event gold necklaces, bangles, heavy ornamented gold earrings, would look best but if you are going to wear a western dress then you should go with light gold jewelleries like chains, earrings, rings etc

Q - What are the factors that affect the price of gold jewellery?
- The price of gold jewellery depends on the weight, the level of hardwork and creativity, the precious stones and amount of gold needed to make it etc.

Q - How do I ensure the authenticity and purity of gold jewellery?
- To ensure the authenticity and purity of gold jewellery you must buy it from trusted jewellers like dhirsonsjewelllers. We sell hallmarked gold jewelleries and purest gold jewelleries that ensure you that we are the best choice for all your gold jewellery needs.

Q - How do I take care of my gold jewellery to maintain its shine and appearance?
- To maintain the shine and appearance of your gold jewellery, you should keep it at safe place, away from chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics. Do not stretch it and don’t wash it with soaps and chemicals in order to clean just rub it with a dry cloth on a daily basis.

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